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Daylight Storms
Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose)



Wait for waves, sounds of other days, waiting, hoping, is all I want to say.
Dreamed of far, bright-lit stars, standing here never felt like it did that day.

Slept for days, thought of all the ways to warm the cold soften the blows anything to stay.
But it takes so much time it's like waiting for the sun to shine, holding you close never felt the way it did today.

Think I'm losing hold. The world that I loved has gone
You're lost tonight, lost in the darkened sky.


Just like yesterday I can't stay awake today,
Our dreams come and go; and it's quiet now you're gone

All of your days seem to start and end the same
Some things never change; all will be quiet from now on

Gentle tide, forever mine. Your white light shines all the time, all the time
I'm standing on your shoreline not sure that I feel fine.
Cos the tide that held me here it also dragged us out.
And I'm not sure that I know, not sure I've been told.
And I'll never know the world in which you flow.


Just let go, you'll find another day; as I saw the ocean rush away.

Guess I saw the better part of you; you had your way and had it all to lose.

Daylight storms, fallen stars, all these things are crumbling away.

And it breaks your ever-aching heart
Your sun will shine you'll feel it when it starts

And we knew we'd have to fall apart as I watched the ocean come our way.


There are tears in your eyes every time I leave your side,
I can't remember waking up, the thought of light helps the night pass on by.

Here's a lonely place, wasted days and long goodbyes
Tell me everyone feels like this, the water's clear; no current here.

You said you'd never go. Should have left me here on my own
I'm cold; you're white as snow. You should have left me here all alone.


You take me so far, god I hope you're on my side.
That last breath you took; it took a long time 'til you smiled.
You're taking me down don't ever look back.
You know that if we go right now, we'll never come back.

Everything you are is everything I'm needin' now.
The colour and sound distorts, they didn't change the way I thought.
You're coming into view, I'll never look back
All these things are gone for now I hope they come back.


The time of your life, shame you have to go.
I can see your eyes, the tiny teardrops fall.
Move in front of the light and you pass from out of sight.
As if you went somewhere.

End of the line, turn around and go
Somewhere you ain't been, somewhere you don't know.
A hundred thousand lights still shimmering tonight.
You have to go somewhere.

And I feel tonight, and I wonder why.
And I feel tonight and I wonder why.


If only I'd have waited to say those words
Can't escape my thoughts of you
How long have I been on your mind?
Try to decide what's right

If only I'd have sensed I'd be set adrift
If only I'd found a way round it
Guide me away to safer shores
Take me away from it all


You said you'd always be alive, well so will I, I'll always will be with you,
My everlasting hope I'm clinging to.

You said that beauty never dies and memories survive, as long as I'm with you,
No words could mean this much, this much to you.

But dark has fallen, don't ask why.
The clouds have swollen into a grey sky.


I heard the talk about the coming of the tide
The changing of the breeze and all the things that kept us here
It's all for you but wasn't what I had in mind
For a girl of the sea who'd waited far too long for me.

I hope you know that I never thought you'd look inside
All was quiet when I came back alive
Before we forget, move ahead, leave the dust behind
I thank you for your being here and everything you are to me.

Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose)

Three Years Pass

Don't want to fight the tears, we're growing colder still
I never thought we'd end up anything like this
So much for all the time I spent with you back then
So sad to say there's little point to make things right

It seems I only wanted what you couldn't give
Kept holding on in hope we wouldn't end the way we did
In glory you'd come to me and want me more
I'd share my soul with you, honestly it's meant to be.

I knew there was more that you could give, but nothing came my way
This is the only life we'll live so come with me today
All that we lost we'll never know and in times like these I wish we'd known
The final aching sighs make us reach up……..

Stars & Knives

A melted soul, the endless need
I feel so tired, just want to hold you
What's the world, the world don't care, we got it here we've got forever

Letting go's the hardest part,
Cos deep inside we're losing something
What's the world, the worlds a mess, there's nothing here, there's nothing left.

The fear takes hold, forget it all.
Just ripples in the glass of time, nowhere to run this time.

Low December Sun

No excuses, you got me on my knees
I'll tell you something, I thought you needed me
We're falling from above; I'm falling hopelessly
The low December sun shone through the winter trees.

Oh honey don't forget the way you used to feel
I lost you for a while, but now you come for me
The sun went down on us, what I gave was for real
But you went down inside into my heart.

And I, I see it in your eyes
You fix your gaze; I can see though your lies
Because of you I can't deny that something changed as the hours passed by

Alone at Last

These midnight shores, we wished upon, mean nothing to me now
The coast wind blows, I'm all alone. Just like a dream, ain't what it seems, ain't what it seems.

The tale they told me is fading fast, the night goes on and then it's gone.
The morning blinds me, the moments pass; I never found a dream that lasts.

Here's to the view I shared with you; when you were by my side, before the memory died.
Tonight I'll play our endless song, let the sound echo round, yeah, echo round.

Don't wait 'til Dawn

All my love, take it now, before the light runs out
Darkened days will make you stop and think of those who fall.

All you find keep in your head and in your heart
Don't wait 'till dawn to make things right, don't lock your thoughts inside.

It's hard to tell the truth, we're into wasting days
You've hope, faith and dreams to get you through some way
And I don't think you'll ever get it right
Sometimes you'll fall short, but I've no doubt that you'll try.


Don't you feel alive, by my side.
Feeling so down low and it's tough tonight

Everything is quiet now, with words you never said
Think I wanted so much more, it's hard not to forget everything I know, everywhere I go

I'm feeling so alone, think you know
Everything I touch turns to dust, to dust

Everything is watermarked, from all those tears I shed.
I know you wanted so much more, it's hard not to regret when everything you wrote is burnt in every note.

So don't you feel alive by my side.
Feeling so down low cos I saw this all before

Until Today

These eyes are tired, I'm lying down. Dreamed a while then slowed down.
Think I need this night to fall on me, it's endlessly all the time we need.

Twilight hours and cooled breeze, illuminated, set free,

Wait for me.

Think I need some light to fall on me, we can but dream but there's more to life it seems.

Like I Hold You

You never say die, I never asked you why
You never held me, like I hold you now.
It's passing us by; this final goodbye's maybe all it's worth.

Try putting them aside, the dreams you cannot hide
You never told me, so how would I know
And after all we shared “everything has ended” you said

I heard it on the wind, these things
We couldn't stay the same, a shame
I end up in a lonely place retracing my steps, again
They tell me to move on, “it's over”, I know it fucking hopeless, I know.

Cut Through the Night

Maybe tomorrow I'll find another sign, you'll catch me as I sleep and watch me as I lie
Maybe, if ever, if only for tonight, I'll catch you when you fall and hold you through it all.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try another life; you'll help me if I stray just like yesterday.
Maybe, if only, the stars cut through the night, I'm waiting for a fall, a sound that moves us on.

It felt like it could have lasted forever
And I can't begin to explain what you meant to me
Of all the things you promised I couldn't have asked for anything more
As I touched your soft pale skin I'm sure a light shone from your heart and split the sky
The stars began to fall just like the snow that winter, then they melted away.


I never thought you'd go, it feels like it's the end
Of something that I've thought about again and again
I couldn't help but feel this way, you couldn't help at all
In truth it seems we fell apart long before the storm.

We're going down.

Your tears just make it hard, we're distances away
We'll drift apart and make new starts; they say “things will change”
It's a long way to fall, can't hold on anymore
We're headed down to lower ground, just maybe then these thoughts will die away.

Your time will come again
You're hoping for a change
We'll lose ourselves tonight
From darkness comes the light.

Distant Silhouettes

It's a starless sky; I see city lights reflected in the sea
I will forget but I won't forgive when it all falls down round me

Darlin' I can't see the wood for trees, just distant silhouettes is what will be.

In this cold dark night, you leave my side, you lead me to believe.
I can't deny; it felt so right to give in to the breeze.

Seems like we can't help but search for a reason
The weight of the world fell on me; from now on it's all history
Believe me I'd love to hold on to those feelings
And make things like they were before, before we were tattered and torn.

Silence Outside

Keep inside all the words that I find
When I said we wouldn't go to wastelands old.

Stayed awake for a night and a day
But then we blew it again, we lit the sky so I could

Get me far away, everything stops today
The sunlight guides us on our way, but our shadows turned around and left
Silence outside, another rain fall's died
Long before we lost all time and it seems somehow I won't forget

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