Air Formation


Here's a list of our current releases:

Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose)"Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose)" CD
Club AC30 March 2010
Low December Sun / Silence Outside"Low December Sun / Silence Outside" 7-inch & Download
Club AC30 15th Feb 2010
Things That Don't Exist / Fires"Things That Don't Exist / Fires" 7-inch
Distant Noise Records Nov 2008
It's over now/Formation 2"It's over now/Formation 2" 7-inch
Club AC30
Released 1st October 2007
Daylight Storms"Daylight Storms" CD
Club AC30
Released 12th Feb 2007
57 Octaves Below"57 Octaves Below" CD
Club AC30 May 2005
Stay Inside/Feel Everything"Stay Inside/Feel Everything" CD
Clairecords September 2004
Seethrustars"Seethrustars" very ltd 7-inch (sold out)
October 2003
Ends in light"Ends in light" CD
Drive-in Records October 2002
Air Formation"Air Formation" CD
Drive-in Records October 2000

Compilation tracks:
Notes from Claire"Notes from Claire" Fallen Leaves
Never Lose That Feeling #1"Never Lose That Feeling #1" Suzanne (Moose)
12th Sep 2005
Test Tones Vol. 4"Test Tones Vol. 4" Spirals
May 2005
Club AC30 CD #1"Club AC30 CD #1" Keep On Endlessly
May 2004
Blisscent I"Blisscent I" Four-Part Galaxy
Recorded September 2001
Rollerderby Records - The speed by which we fall"Rollerderby Records - The speed by which we fall"
The sound will come to you
Recorded September 2001

You Walk Through Walls"You Walk Through Walls" S/T Album
Club AC30 Coming Spring 2014
Even Upon The Sea"Even Upon The Sea" I Am Your Captain
July 2013
Then We Head Home"Then We Head Home" I Am Your Captain
EP November 2012
Destroyed Places EP"Destroyed Places EP" You Walk Through Walls
Club AC30 December 2012
The Dreaming Invisible"The Dreaming Invisible" Matt Bartram
Drifting Falling December 2011
Left To Memory"Left To Memory" (Matt Bartram)
Static Silence - Found"Static Silence - Found" CD
Distant Noise Records 19th May 2008
Arundel"Arundel" (Matt Bartram)
Drifting Falling March 2008
"Masstransfer - Installation 06: The Static Silence - Lost"
September 2003
"b.e.a.b approved - The Sand, Tired/Awake" Isonauta - Populogical synth-plop
April 1999
"b.e.a.b approved - Hold Fire" 7-inch
summer 1998